Differences between Traditional and Online MBA Programmes

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Since colleges universities started offering long distance courses, there have been debate whether students should apply for the traditional full time course or apply for the new long distance course. This has created lots of confusion among students since they are not sure which option to go for. So should one apply for the full time course or enjoying the benefits of long distance program and get his or her degree just from home? Is it true that studying from one’s home better than full time and what are the credentials of a long distance course? The truth is that the two modes of education are quite different form each other and they give different benefits to the student. So what are the differences between traditional and online MBA Programmes.

Distance MBA programmes

This type of education program is specifically designed for those individuals who are employed and are not in the position to quit their jobs so as to go back to school and pursue another degree. This is because these individual may either be supporting their families or they do not want to halt their income flow. One may also not want to just sit at home. Long distance MBA courses are very important in that one does not have to attend a physical class but at the end of the course he or she is able to get the necessary qualifications.

This education program is quite simple. A student is just needed to enroll in to a university offering long distance education program. After enrollment, the student is provided by all the books and other necessary study materials that are relevant to the course. The student will then be in the liberty to do his or her study as he or she wishes and prepare for the exams in a manner he or she see fit. He or she will then be given a final examination at the end of the course period.

Full time MBA courses
Unlike the long distance MBA courses, this program employs the conventional procedure of getting educated. This means you will have to attend classes physically and listen to lectures according to preset class timetables. It is a well known fact that the curriculum for this program is much better than those for long distance program since it is more detailed. It also involves an extensive training and practical sessions are also included. The examinations are offered within the semesters and also at the end of every semester to ensure students develop their skills.

Not every companies values distance learning programs. Some companies do not give jobs or promotions based on these certificates. However thee are some companies that value them. Anyway, for individuals who want to better their careers yet do not want to quite their jobs, distance learning is the way. Apart from flexibility, distance learning MBA are cheaper than full time program. This means that one is able to save quite a lot of money by joining this MBA program. However, if you have time, its better for you to join full time MBA courses.

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