Distance Learning provides more Flexibility

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Life has become hectic due to the increased demand on educational knowledge as well as work experience. Trying to strike a balance between education and work can become a daunting task not forgetting the need to have time to relax and carry on with life away from school and work. It is essential to have good work life balance to be able to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. Education will always play a crucial role in the employment sector since it is what determines the progression up the career ladder thus acquisition of more knowledge is paramount.

Excelling in school and work at the same time is quite possible. It requires a well laid plan that will be effective on both fields and not harming a sector in favor of the other. This is achieved by pursuing knowledge through distance learning. The distance learning mode of study is offered online by many institutions of higher learning. Online study provides more flexibility as compared to the traditional way of learning. The online courses are very flexible to suit the needs of the individual as well as being tailor made to fit into a given job requirement. The uptake of distance learning courses via the internet has seen a tremendous increase over the years; this is attributed by more institutions of higher learning joining the virtual world of offering advanced education.

Distance learning provides more flexibility as compared to the conventional methods of learning since it can be offered as per the students schedule and not fixed on the timetable of the campus. The classes are offered late in the evening, over the weekends and also privately. The course is offered on piece meal instead of compounding a number of units into one course. The modes of study is very diverse and flexible, this includes use of live streaming, virtual classrooms, voice chats, electronic white boards, e-books, electronic study modules etc.

The courses offered in distance learning cover all sectors in the economy thus giving the student the same choices available to a student on campus. The cost associated with distance learning provides more flexibility in the mode of payment as well as time to finalize payments. The cost is also cheaper since there is no accommodation expenses, cost of study material, upkeep fee, transport etc. This is made possible by provision of e-books and virtual study material.

Distance learning saves on time as the courses are offered continuously without taking breaks such as weekends, Semester or summer breaks. Online study gives the student an option of consolidating more units when more time is available hence finishing the course at faster rate. Application for distance learning is simpler and flexible since it is done through the internet where quite a number of learning institutions have their services clearly outlined as well as having support staff to assist a prospective student in making an informed decision. Distance learning is the real deal breaker when it comes to effectively climbing the career ladder and at the same time improving and advancing intellectual knowledge.

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