How To Select The Best Engineering College?

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Once students complete their 12th board exams, they need to start considering the career path they will follow and how they are going to achieve it. This is probably one of the most important decisions they will make in their life, as everything they do later in life will all depend on this decision. Students should ideally a make a career choice based on what they like and their aptitude for it.


One way to understand what will suit them best is to undergo a professional career counselling session, and then decide what’s best for them based on the results. Apart from this, other factors such as their economic status, availability of quality institutions within their vicinity and their academic scores also play an important part in the field they finally decide to follow.

One of the popular academic streams among students is engineering, a much in demand profession from the 1950′s; mainly due to the strong role it plays in building the infrastructure of the nation. Engineering studies encompasses many fields right from civil construction, to automobiles and even the vast field of information technology and telecommunications.

To succeed in any of the engineering fields, you should join the top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR since they have the academic excellence and infrastructure to ensure you get the best quality education. Students should ideally select a engineering college based on the following points.

Academic Excellence History

How good and skilled an engineer you will become, depends on how well you learnt and grasped the subjects. This is all based on the teaching method and education techniques that the institute follows, and also on the academic qualifications of its faculty members and key personnel. Be sure you review the names of the faculty members associated with the institute, both part time and full time. Make sure they have the necessary credentials and are well qualified to teach that course.

The institute should also ideally have visiting faculty members from some of the most renowned companies and industries, particularly from the engineering and associated services fields. These visiting faculty members could be responsible for giving guest lectures as well as conducting industrial visits, so that you can observe things practically.

Infrastructure and facilities

A big campus, with well built and spacious classrooms is very necessary to create an environment that is suitable for studying. Open spaces can help students relax as well as study within them, when they need a break from the classroom environment. Along with this, a well stocked library with the latest reference books and guides, too should be a part of the infrastructure of the academic institutions. Also check the hostel facilities, in case you are planning to move in from another city to study at it.

A well maintained hostel with all basic facilities including dining options will ensure you don’t have to worry about basic necessities and can concentrate only on your studies. Another important aspect you should check is the focus the institute places on recreational activities, which are very important as stress busters when the academic studies get very tiring.

Campus placement record

All the efforts you put into your studies at the institution will finally cumulate into the campus placement camps conducted at the institute. This is when some of the most reputed companies in different fields will visit the top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR to hire the best students to work with them. All the blue chip and most favoured companies visit only those institutes which have set high standards and requirements; this is the reason why it is important to choose a institute with a good placement record.

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