Tips and Tricks to Crack Campus Placement for Engineering Students

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In the life of almost every engineering student, we all know that as they approach the last semester of their course, they starts preparing for the campus placements. It is no doubt that the first step towards attaining your long-term career plan is how well you perform in the campus placment interviews. Most of the reputed engineering colloges have a decent number of companies coming to the campus for recuritments.


Depending on the type of engineering course you are preparing, you can get a list of the recuriters lined-up for the visit and start preparing accordingly to give yourself the best chance to get placed. If you look at the Uptu college ranking according to placement it is generally the top colleges that attract the maximum number of recruiters. The campus placement drive offers an excellent opportunity to establish a career you always wanted and the following tips and tricks of preparation will significantly increase your chances of being recruited.

  • Go back to the roots

A lot of students attending the campus interview tend to ignore their basics. But, one of the most important things that the interview panel members look in the potential candidate is their knowledge of the engineering subjects that they have studied during their course. So it is best advised that, as part of your preparations for the interview you go back to the roots and brush up on the basics of the subjects. You need not have to mug up the subjects, but revising a little bit will do a world of good for you.

  • Choose your favourite subject

The interviewers at the campus placement usually make their own job easy by asking the candidates questions about their own favourite subject in engineering. You should be prepared well to handle this question, once you mention your favourite subject, expect a few questions related to it and you should be prepared to answer these questions. If you have not decided your favourite subject already, it would be advisable that you go take a look back at the subjects and find which subject interests you the most.

  • Good communication skills

This is probably one of the most important traits that the recruiters look for in the potential candidates. You have the best technical skill, but if you lack communication skill then it can be difficult for you in many ways. If you can’t speak or write in English well, you may be rejected in favour of the other candidate. So, if you have been thinking to develop a good communication skill, now is the best time to do it. It will not only help you crack the interview but also it will hold you in good stead to communicate and express yourself better in the long run.

  • Do your research well

It is advisable that you do a bit of background research about the company and the interviewing panel before you go for the interview. This simple exercise would greatly help you determine the questions you can expect during the interview and prepare yourself accordingly.

  • Avoid the common mistakes

A lot of candidates during the course of the interview commit a lot of common mistakes, like not maintaining eye contact with the people in the room during a conversation, not being truthful, showing signs on nervousness and being overly aggressive to prove their point. Make sure that you avoid all of these mistakes and be at the best behaviour and more importantly be yourself and honest to the interviewer.

No matter which college you are studying in or what field of engineering you are pursuing, the placement factor does matters a lot. The above mentioned tips can help you a lot in regard to Uptu college ranking according to placement. Eventually, you will end up getting a good job offer.

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